No hidden costs to the homeowners


Remember to read the “fine” print.

Always ask to see a copy of the written workmanship and product warranty before you buy.

There are a lot of warranties with many misleading terms and conditions and fine print.
Examples are warranties that claim to be “Lifetime”, but...

  • Is it really limited? In fact they might expire after 10 years or have excessive conditions that must be met to make a claim.
  • Are they‘Pro-Rated’? Every year the homeowner is responsible for more of the cost of the warranty.
  • Labour is never included. Example a $10.00 part that the company then charges $200.00 to replace.
  • Warranty is not transferable if homeowner sells their home or a substantial charge (several hundred dollars administration fee) to transfer warranty to new homeowner. What does window performance/warranty have to do with a new homeowner?
  • Some warranties specify the right to offer a ‘cash’ value settlement rather than replacing/fixing problem. Which means it is up to you to find a replacement part and a qualified installer.

The LORMAC Warranty

100% Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
Non Pro-Rated
100% Transferable at no cost
No Fine Print
No hidden costs at all to homeowners

The Lormac Workmanship & Window Warranties are the BEST available anywhere.......period!

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