Lormac is your Vinyl Replacement Window Installation Company in London, St. Thomas and surrounding area.

Let Lormac design the new look of replacement windows on your home for that unique look you have always dreamed of, and the comfort and energy efficiency you need. Lormac is YOUR vinyl replacement window installation and design company in Southwestern Ontario!

Vinylbilt Windows in London and Southwestern Ontario

s-Class White Architectural SuperSpacer® - Replacement Windows

Super Spacer® vinyl replacement windows

S-Class White Architectural Super Spacer®, the BEST Super Spacer® available and exclusive to Lormac’s Vinylbilt windows.

Our windows are constructed with exclusive S-Class White Architectural Super Spacer® and Warm Edge technology to increase thermal performance.

S-Class White Architectural Super Spacer® also reduces condensation, which protects the interior of the window from mold or mildew.

You’ll notice the difference because S-Class White Architectural Super Spacer® technology actually leads to fewer warranty issues.

Lormac vinyl windows

We consider Polyresin3® the very best quality virgin vinyl available for vinyl windows, and is exclusive to Lormac’s Vinylbilt windows.

Each window starts with only virgin vinyl, manufactured from pellets instead of powder for increased durability.

Our vinyl, Polyresin3®, is engineered for its superior weathering and impact resistance, and outperforms our competitors’ BlueWhite vinyl in both hot and cold climates. Polyresin3® is also a softer colour and looks more natural than BlueWhite.

Most people would agree that vinyl windows basicaly all look the same. They are white, go up and down and tip in for cleaning. However, the formula used to create the vinyl used in the frames can be as different as night and day. The impact modifiers, UV inhibitors, thickness of the vinyl wall frames, and the chambering inside the frames determine the true structural integrity and durability of the window frames. Cheaper vinyl, quantity of vinyl in the frames and design makes the world of differnce. The window industry accepts that chalking, fading, peeling and discolouration meet industry standards. You will see no such disclaimers in our window warranty guaranteeing you a better vinyl window frame for years of lasting performance.

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