Don't just cover your home with siding, let Lormac design, install and give your home the new look you've always dreamed of.

Lormac is Your Siding Installation Company in London, St. Thomas and surrounding area.

Let Lormac design the siding on your home for that unique siding look. Lormac is your siding experts installation and design company in Southwestern Ontario!

London, Ontario Vinyl Siding Lormac has been an exterior renovations expert serving London, St. Thomas and surrounding area for over 30 years. Our expertise lies in DESIGNING HOMES and not just covering them with siding. The type, style and colour of your vinyl siding, soffit, fascia and eavestrough can make a world of difference. There are countless accessories and extras that can truly change the face and look of your home's exterior, including specialty home vinyl siding, stone look siding, cedar shake look siding, round scalloped vinyl siding, porch columns and posts, and vinyl and aluminum shutters. Typically aluminum is used for fascia and capping, how that aluminum is fabricated, bent and shaped to add character or not can add or take away from your homes appearance. Let the siding experts at Lormac help make all your home siding dreams come true!

LORMAC installs Royal Building Products line of premium vinyl siding, aluminum siding, vinyl and aluminum soffits and shutters and aluminum eavestrough and fascia products in London and Southwestern Ontario. Royal Building Products is one of North America’s largest manufacturers of vinyl siding, aluminum siding & exterior building products, all backed by the most powerful home siding warranties in the business. The large variety of exterior vinyl and aluminum siding products, colours and applications make it impossible to find an exterior look and décor for everyone.

The Aluminum & Vinyl Siding Installation

Full Siding photo, London Ontario The most important factor in a successful home siding renovation is the installation. It’s the attention to small detail that your siding contractor takes and proper siding installation techniques that provide the quality look that will stand the test of time. Often a home siding installation can look satisfactory immediately upon completion, but with expansion and contraction of the vinyl siding, and the effects of the sun and weather the home's new aluminum or vinyl siding can look poor in just a few short years. Buckling siding, waving siding, siding joint and trim separation are just a few of the siding problems that may not show until a year or two after the initial siding completion, and long after the siding contractor that did the work has been paid and gone.

There are also many factors to consider when installing new vinyl or aluminum siding to your home with the insulation quality of your home. Installing insulation under your new home's siding can often be the least expensive way to gain up to another R-10 in energy efficiency and reducing heating and cooling costs, just by properly insulating under your homes siding. The siding insulation under your home's aluminum or vinyl siding can also work wonders when it comes to smoothing out those irregular and uneven areas of your home's present siding. This is especially the case on an older home where the siding walls may have moved or settled over time creating an uneven or crooked look to the existing siding. Discuss siding insulation with your siding installation consultant before you start your new home siding project!

The home vinyl siding contractor workmanship warranty is paramount to insure accountability with the siding contractor to install the work properly the first time, and that if there is a future problem with the siding the siding contractor will come back to service the problem. Lormac has provided excellence as a home siding contractor in London and Southwestern Ontario for over 30 years, you will see the difference our expert siding installation technicians provide the day the siding renovation project is completed and for many, many years to come!

Let Lormac provide you the peace of mind and confidence you deserve with your exterior siding renovation project in London, St. Thomas and surrounding area.

LORMAC was the first company in London to offer a 100% Lifetime Transferable Non Pro-Rated Workmanship Warranty on exterior renovation products including siding installation. You can NOT find a better workmanship warranty anywhere, period!

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