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August 15, 1985

Lormac Renovation Centre
8374 Longwoods Road
London, ON N6P 1L5


In the construction business it is very seldom that you hear a “thank you”, or “you really did a good job”. I would be remiss if I didn’t write to you to express my sincere thanks, but more importantly, comment on the job you did for me.

I have always had the opportunity of working with several contractors. Some were strictly in it for a fast profit, poor quality and workmanship; some are the middle of the road; and then there are only an elite few like Lormac that really care.

When reviewing the bids for this job, price was not taken as the major factor in dictating who was going to get this job. The major factor was the quality of materials and the workmanship required. Now that the job is all done, as a construction consultant, I was right again. Quality still shows. The workmen on this project not only cared, they took that extra time, and used extra material to provide that high-class finished look. In short spans between windows, etc., they used full pieces of siding and kept joints to the minimum on the whole project which used more than twenty square. It may be interesting to note that several other contractors were going to do this same job with less than eighteen square. They were going to use all those short pieces to fill in.

The finishing touches were also dominate, with extra venting, flashing and sealing. The overall appearance is incredible, especially when looking down a long wall, it’s straight and smooth with no ripples. More importantly, the crew cleaned up thoroughly after themselves.

As a consultant, I’ll make sure people know I chose to pay a little more for quality and dealt with “Lormac—a company you can count on”. Please send any comments on to all concerned.

T.W. Thomas

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