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St. Thomas Elgin Advocacy Center
To All Those Concerned

March 7, 2011

Re: appreciation of kindness given

To All Those Concern;

I say “To All Those Concerned” and considering the initial event and the assistance that Lormac Renovation Centre gave, we should all be concerned and grateful.

Last May a kind and giving couple, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kilgour, were taken in and conned by a company promising  quite a bit more than they could perform.  These people took out a mortgage on their house to pay for renovations to their home.  The person they contracted to the work blundered and screwed up all the work they did, took 95% of the money and left without completing the job.

If it were not for the kindness and generosity of Lorne MacDonnell and his company Lormac Renovation Centre these good people would have had to live with a job not only done incorrectly but left uncompleted.

Lormac Renovation Centre went the Kilgour residence and corrected all the mistakes and completed the job for only the labour cost to complete the work.  Lormac Renovation Centre didn’t make any profit at all and as matter of fact actually paid for some of the work themselves.

Our agency wishes to express out eternal gratitude for the selfless effort that Lorne MacDonnell and Lormac Renovation Centre gave to help these good people.  It reassures us that the world still has good people willing to go the extra mile when others are in trouble. Lormac’s true spirit of good shone through in their generous act.  It is refreshing to know truly honest people like Lorne MacDonnell.

If anyone has any questions regarding this event and act of kindness please call my office between 10:00am to noon Monday to Friday and I will be more than happy to outline the whole story.

Again thanks to these kind people and have a great day.


Michael R. Picard
Executive Director

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