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Ultimate in glass performance

SSP is Vinylbilt’s Truly unique best selling specialty glass.

Look for the SSP glass in WTS under the special glass package section, also available for use on our Patio Doors.

Vinylbilt’s S.S.P. Glass provides 3 special features in one glass.

Security - 12 times stronger than a regular thermal glass pane

Sound - 25% overall improvement in sound reduction

Performance - 50% increased improvement in UV protection

The S.S.P. glass is placed on the in-bound pane of the glass:

• Allowing the LoE to remain on the exterior surface so customers can still enjoy the benefits of LoE and Simply Clean.

• Having the S.S.P. on the inside pane provides an additional strengthened layer of glass making it more difficult for intruders

Check out this video that illustrates the power of SSP glass.

Full Specs on SSP Glass

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