Lormac is your Vinyl Replacement Window Installation Company in London, St. Thomas and surrounding area.

Let Lormac design the new look of replacement windows on your home for that unique look you have always dreamed of, and the comfort and energy efficiency you need. Lormac is YOUR vinyl replacement window installation and design company in Southwestern Ontario!

Single & Double Hung Windows - London and Southwestern Ontario

Lormac Single and Double Hung Replacement WindowsDouble Hung

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows top section is fixed while the bottom moves up and down. Double hung windows top and bottom sections both move up and down. Both windows move with ease for great ventilation and tilt in for easy cleaning.

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung windows allow for both the bottom and top sahes to operate. You can ventilate the top by lowering the top sash, or ventilate the bottom by opning the top sash. These windows also offer true EASY CLEANING, by tilting in the sashes so you can clean both side of the glass from inside. Double hung windows offer real funtionality, ease of use and are simple to clean.

Window Installation

Regardless of the quality or make of windows that the consumer installs in their home, over 80% of service calls and problems down the road are a result of the installation. Lormac provides Window Wise certified installations, guaranteeing only the best quality and efficiency with your window installation project.

Every certified Window Wise installation is registered with SAWDAC and provides an additional 5-year third party warranty to Lormac's lifetime workmanship guarantee. Let Lormac provide you the peace of mind and confidence you deserve with your window renovation project in London, St. Thomas and surrounding area.

Standard Single and Double Hung Window Features

Heavy-Duty Cam Lock and Keeper Heavy-Duty Cam Lock and Keeper
Standard heavy-duty cam-action lock for security and weather resistance or an optional push lock for extra security is available.
Stainless Steel Pivot Shoe Stainless Steel Pivot Shoe
Patented shoe lock that allows the window to rotate for easy indoor cleaning.
Constant Force Balances Constant Force Balances
Constant-Force spiral assembly for smooth sash operation.
Finger Latches Finger Latches
Our low profile design keeps the thumb latch inside the sash frame for easy operation when you need to tilt the windows in for cleaning.
Fly Maze Fly Maze
Our random chamber design eliminates any possibility of flies getting into your home.
Drainage Flaps Drainage Flaps
Unlike other companies that just punch wholes, we use flaps that only open when water needs to drain out.
Precision-Mitered, Fusion-Welded Frames & Sashes Precision-Mitered, Fusion-Welded Frames & Sashes
Both the frame and sash are welded simultaneously using the latest Fusion Technology - forming a super strong weld.
Super Spacer® Thermal Glass Super Spacer® Thermal Glass
Windows feature a 100% non-metallic exclusive White S-Class Super-Spacer®, engineered to reduce heat and cold transfer between the glazing panels.
Dual Interlocking Rails Dual Interlocking Rails
Both top and bottom sashes overlap at the interlocking rail to form an airtight seal.
Triple Weather Seals Triple Weather Seals
Santoprene bulb weatherseals in combination with welded fin and pile seals virtually eliminate air infiltration.
Pocket Sill Pocket Sill
When closed it forms a water tight and air tight seal.
Full Screen With Overlapping Frame Full Screen With Overlapping Frame
Full screen overlap keeps bugs and debris outside while the steel pins make for easy removal and cleaning.
Standard & Custom Colours

Standard & Custom Colours
Solar Bond™ paints are fade-resistant and come with a 15 year warranty. 6 standard colours or custom colours available.

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